The more C’s, the better: The 6-C Social Media Model

Social Media is all about building communities about your brand. Depending on what business your in, the community elements differ. The method of reaching such a dedicated community can be described in several ways. Andrew Schiestel uses 5 C’s to get to the ultimate C: Community.

Social Media Models - 6-C Social Media Model

Take a look at the 6-C Social Media Model at his website.

Measuring ROI: The KISS Method

Measuring ROI has always been a hot topic. Just as everywhere else, Social Media also has to do with questions about what results the Social Media efforts yield. The ROI Social Media Models show us more about how to measure these efforts.

Social Media ROI (Cartoon)

The KISS Method has recently been described at It consists of 4 elements which, of course, shape the acronym ‘KISS’; Knowledge Management, Intelligence, Sales and Support.

You can find the model and its description at this website.