New Social Media Model: ACCESS model

We’ve added a new Social Media Model in the category Implementation Models. The acronym ACCESS stands for Audience, Concept, Competition, Execution, Social Media Tools and Sales Viability.

Social Media Models - ACCESS ModelThe model describes six crucial steps for a Social Media Strategy to work. These steps focus on the most important elements in your environment; know your audience, define the concept you want to use, analyze the competition and execute using the right Social Media tools and the right way of measuring results.

You can find the ACCESS model here or by clicking the image.

The more C’s, the better: The 6-C Social Media Model

Social Media is all about building communities about your brand. Depending on what business your in, the community elements differ. The method of reaching such a dedicated community can be described in several ways. Andrew Schiestel uses 5 C’s to get to the ultimate C: Community.

Social Media Models - 6-C Social Media Model

Take a look at the 6-C Social Media Model at his website.

Connecting To Your Audience: 6 Ways to present yourself

Connecting to your audience is a substantial part of your Social Media Strategy. Think about which components you should include in presenting yourself. Brian Solis, now part of the Forrester Research Group, has taken notice of 6 ways to helps to resonate your online presentation. Check the model and its description at

Social Media Models - Six Ways To Connect With Your Audience