Social Media Ambition Model

The Social Media Ambition Model is a simplified representation of different ways of engagement that an organization can carry out towards its customers, the market or other online audiences.

Social Media Model - Social Ambition Model

The model consists of six levels, which, like the Social Media Pyramid, can be achieved only if the previous level is executed.


Observation is quite simple and cheap; check out what twitter users have to say about your product, service, brand or organization. Take a look at the overall prevailing view, but also to individual messages about the subject.


The step from observation to commenting is easily made. Particularly in the “fast-moving social mediaā€¯ websites like blogs and twitter, it is necessary to respond quickly. This is not necessarily the case when it comes just to negative publicity – thank-you messages, praise and a pleasant conversation are also a means of commenting to upgrade your Social Media image.


Join the online dialogue, join a LinkedIn discussion, accept friends on Facebook and stay informed of blogs that are of interest for your brand, organization, product or service.


This is almost the same as participating, but participating is more about starting the discussion, post ahead of others, add friends to your pages or start a post on a blog / create a blog.


Develop your own forum, facebook page or community site. This way you get the customer / market inside your own environment. It is a tough way to go, especially when the existing Social Media already are buzzing with activity around your brand or product.


Innovation is more about developing your own social media websitesite, software or app.

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