Forrester’s POST Method

Forrester Research has, in addition to the Social Technographics Profile, also developed a method to carefully set up Social Media in an organization. It’s presented as the acronym POST:

Social Media Model - POST method (Forrester Research)

  • People. What kind of clients and prospects do you have? How do they behave online? For determining your target group, there is a reference to the Social Technographics Profile.
  • Objectives. What are your goals? Are you more interested in listening in order to gain insights? Or do you want to enable your customers to generate more awareness?
  • Strategy. How do you change your relationship with customers? What do you want to get out of these relationships? Which direction do you want to take and what is the underlying proposition?
  • Technologies. What applications should you use? How much time should this take? This step reflects the choices you make in the first three steps.

These four elements are very important in developing a Social Media strategy.

Source: Forrester Research

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